Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love
Till now whenever I thought of unconditional love I thought of it as this enormous, all-powerful, endless love that a mother has for her children. This eternal supreme love that my mom has for me and I have for Guransh.

Until this Morning.

Me and Guransh (my 21 month old) were having fun playing with his newly bought drum set, until he decided to play his drum sticks on my arms. After asking him to stop multiple times, I got really annoyed and mad at him and got away from him.

But he didn’t get away from me. He got even closer. Tears were flowing through his tiny shiny eyes. Arms asking me to carry him. And he was saying just one word repeatedly “Mumma”

Why was he not going to his dad cause his mom is mean? Why was he still trying to get close to me? Why was he telling me to carry him even when I just scolded him and made him cry?

And then I realized, it’s the Unconditional Love that everyone talks about. The type of love where blaming, anger and frustration doesn’t exist. It’s the love of innocence where you don’t have to try hard to forgive others.

When a baby is born, the parents don’t look at that baby and say, “We’ll only love her if she gets straight As (preferably A pluses), is beautiful, dresses well, is tidy and polite, excels at sports, and attends an Ivy League kindergarten.” No, they love the baby because she exists, because she’s a miracle, because she’s here.

Love doesn’t come with conditions, and if its conditional then it’s not love.

It’s a privilege to be a parent!


Photography – Capturing Moments!

CD has always liked photography. He loves to try out new compositions, new angles, lighting etc.

Me – Not so much

But, when we were planning for Vidya’s Baby Shower and they asked me to capture the moments. I was like, “Sure, Why Not!”

Never thought that I will actually enjoy this new role of being a photographer – capturing emotions, expressions, excitements …

I took over 500 pictures that day! And they turned out to be pretty good – I mean no faces cut, people in focus, and good lighting.

Of course, there is a lot to learn. But I am happy that I discovered a new interest of mine – Photography

Isn’t that what life is all about – Discovering Yourself!

Sharing some of the cherished moments 🙂

The proud Mom-to- Be

Mommy and Daddy


Buddies Forever – Getting ready to perform on Chaar Kadam – It was an awesome performance 🙂


IMG_4786Another Performance by beautiful mommies! 


What’s a party without food!





Some more Candid shots and Poses 😉






IMG_4905  IMG_4799
IMG_4760  IMG_4753   Finishing up with the Mommy-Gang 🙂


Happy Jar – Keeping Joy In-tight

Happy Jar

I always say that time goes by too fast. Every. Single. Year. I no more keep a journal (No more time – one of the perks of being a mom), so at the end every fast moving year, I’m always stuck with wondering, “What happened this year?!?”

Of course, all the big memories are never forgotten, but it’s the little joys, the teensy things that tend to get forgotten. This Valentine’s, to start a new tradition of remembering the little joys all yearlong, I gave a Happy Jar to CD (my hubby dear) as a gift with some recorded cherished moments.

Materials Required:

Quart size Mason – you can find these at Michael’s craft store.

Paper – colored or white



  1. Every day, think of something that made you happy. It could be something that happened that very day, but it could really be anything. Be truthful to yourself; the simpler things that delighted you are often the happiest moments.
  2. Write it down on a piece of paper. I have just kept some pre-cut paper on the kitchen counter along with the jar to make the job easy. If you can’t find a piece of paper, write your note on your phone. Send a text message or e-mail to yourself and remember to transcribe it later, so you can put a physical note in the jar.
  3. Make deposits into the happy jar daily. The idea is somewhat to use it daily but life can get busy and events intervene, so if you miss days, don’t be fussed; just pick it up from where you left off.
  4. Read the messages when life gets tough. This is the most wonderful part of using a happy jar. When you feel that everything is getting to you and that there isn’t much happiness in your life, take out a few of the messages and read them through. These reminders of the happiness that has been in your life and will continue to be present in your life will serve as a source of morale boosting. Your past happiness will comfort you and give you hope that there is more to come. It will also remind you that happiness is found in moments along the journey and is not a single destination with any defined point or actions.

I am sure that this practice will help me to become more aware of those happy moments and find a space inside of me where the difficult feelings can co-exist with the more joyful feeling.




I’ve been thinking about creating a space for my thoughts and reflections for quite a while now. As a daughter, sister, wife, mom and educator,  life brings new experiences every moment and a blog is the perfect way to document new things I learn along the way.

I hope that you join me on this journey as I discover more about myself, my cooking, my culture, my parenting style…and basically, life.