Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love
Till now whenever I thought of unconditional love I thought of it as this enormous, all-powerful, endless love that a mother has for her children. This eternal supreme love that my mom has for me and I have for Guransh.

Until this Morning.

Me and Guransh (my 21 month old) were having fun playing with his newly bought drum set, until he decided to play his drum sticks on my arms. After asking him to stop multiple times, I got really annoyed and mad at him and got away from him.

But he didn’t get away from me. He got even closer. Tears were flowing through his tiny shiny eyes. Arms asking me to carry him. And he was saying just one word repeatedly “Mumma”

Why was he not going to his dad cause his mom is mean? Why was he still trying to get close to me? Why was he telling me to carry him even when I just scolded him and made him cry?

And then I realized, it’s the Unconditional Love that everyone talks about. The type of love where blaming, anger and frustration doesn’t exist. It’s the love of innocence where you don’t have to try hard to forgive others.

When a baby is born, the parents don’t look at that baby and say, “We’ll only love her if she gets straight As (preferably A pluses), is beautiful, dresses well, is tidy and polite, excels at sports, and attends an Ivy League kindergarten.” No, they love the baby because she exists, because she’s a miracle, because she’s here.

Love doesn’t come with conditions, and if its conditional then it’s not love.

It’s a privilege to be a parent!


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