If you reach more teachers, you reach more students

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When I walked out of the Tech Museum after attending the Gooru 101 workshop, I was a new person. Differentiated instruction and personalized learning didn’t seem as hard as before. I was excited to share this knowledge with my fellow colleagues and peers.

Sometimes as teachers, we act like professional development is hard. It doesn’t have to be. Sometimes we treat professional development like a chore. But, it should be fun, engaging, and wanted.

Because if you reach more teachers, you reach more students.

As a high school teacher, I have attended a lot of professional development sessions but this was the first time that I got a chance to train the other teachers on ‘Gooru‘.

Why the NEED?

Teachers have a lot on their plate already with the introduction of Common Core and NGSS, and we need new methods of keeping up and innovating.

Gooru provides a platform where teachers can create and share collections of free K-12 web resources to personalize and differentiate learning in their classrooms.

STUDENT Perspective (20 mins)

Before showing the teachers what they can do with the new tool, they acted as students in my class, getting a first hand experience of what the students would be doing if they did use Gooru in their classroom. This was quite motivating as all of them were working on their own pace yet on the same concept!

TEACHER Perspective (20 mins)

Once I already won them over the new technology, they were all eager to learn how to use it. This is when I provided them with videos, tutorials, and other ways to learn about the tool and/or concept as it can be used in the classroom.

GOORU Time (35 mins)

At this time the teachers actually created something they could use in their classroom with the tool/concept. They were exploring new options, getting excited, working together and asking questions.

All in all, it was a great experience being on the other side of the room!